Why Your Black Inkjet Cartridges Don’t Work While Color Cartridges Do?

Canon inkjet cartridgesHave you ever faced the problem or noticed the fact that your black inkjet cartridges might not be working. Next when you try to color print, you get a sharp color print. Also, Welcome, if you didn’t know this can happen. It is strange, right? Well, to be honest, it is not a great thing to cherish as in such a case, your printer needs to be checked. It needs to be resolved.

Why Actually Did It Happen?

  • Have you got any warning of low ink or ink running out? If not you need to keep a check and replace the old ink cartridge as directed in the manual.
  • Secondly, also there is a myth roaming around that you don’t require black ink to print a color image. Another myth uttering you can print black text without the printer requiring a color cartridge.
  • Most of the printers require both the black and color ink cartridges to be identify as having ink or else it will not operate if one of the colors run out of ink.

You can re-install your printer ink cartridges correctly and if you still don’t get any error messages and the black cartridge is not working, you need to manually check it. How To Fix It?

  • Firstly, go to your printer icon at the bottom of your screen and select printer utility > maintenance > clean heads
  • Or else you can go to file print and select printer utility > maintenance > clean heads
  • Next you need to perform a head cleaning procedure that will force ink cartridge through the print head and clear all the blockages, if any.

Store.atlanticinkjet.com is a one of the best inkjet store to find quality ink cartridges. The head cleaning is usually used to clear up the issue where the black cartridge is not printing. Depending on the original cost of the printer, it might be more economical for you to replace the printer than try to have the print head replaced.

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