Firmware Updates Prevent You from Using Refilled Cartridges

Firmware is a fundamental program that helps your printer to run smoothly. If you have a new operating system running with old firmware, you may encounter some problems. Sometimes printers are designed to work with the firmware already incorporated in Windows or Mac operating systems, which is recognized as plug-and-play. However, there are some printer manufacturers who prefer that you install their firmware instead.

But, it is said that upgrading printer firmware may affect cartridge refills. For many years, printer manufacturers have encouraged you to install “firmware upgrades.” Actually, by carrying out this update, you are doing a great favor to the manufacturer by installing all of their new codes embedded in the technologies of brand-new cartridges. Once you have done with this firmware update, there is a greater risk that the cartridges you enjoy using may be locked out.

So, the ultimate solution to this issue is to say ‘No’ to firmware updates in the first place. If you think that you are stuck with a malicious firmware update, you should bring your Inkjet Cartridges for replacements, as they can easily fix your problem. Some enterprising individuals in the refill industry have found out a new way to reset printer firmware. It works wonder for some printers than others and it is certainly worth trying!

So, if your printer software is giving you annoying indications when you use Refills, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling your printer driver without extra or unnecessary layers of software.

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