Save the Earth and Save Money by Recycling and Reusing Ink and Toner Cartridges

The world is fast developing environmental consciousness among the people which make them thinking of ways to go green almost every day. We can celebrate each day as a conservation day by taking steps to make our world a better place to live in.

The mantra Refill, Recycle and Remanufacture is effective in reducing pollution from our environment and help it stay fresh and healthy.

Why is it Important to Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges?  

  • Leading printer manufacturer alone sells millions of printers every year. To run the printer, most consumers buy three to four ink cartridges per year, which produces a bulk of million empty cartridges.
  • A greater percentage of used printer cartridges are thrown away ruthlessly.
  • It takes gallons of natural oil to make a new laser cartridge, thus a large quantity of natural resources are being used up in the manufacture of brand new cartridges.
  • A cartridge that is thrown away in the landfill can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Recycling and reusing ink and Laser Toner Cartridges are some great ideas which will not save our environment but will also save your money.

Buying remanufactured toner cartridges instead of buying an Original Cartridge. As stated earlier, the process to manufacture a new cartridge needs gallons of oil. The environmental impact to create remanufactured cartridges from old cartridge units is much lesser than producing a new one. Remanufacturing of cartridges involve a environmentally friendly process including recycling of old warn out parts and components to create meticulously tested refurbished toner cartridges that are not only of superior quality but are also priced typically low.

Refilled ink cartridges are another viable solution to buying replacement cartridges. If every printer user including single individuals to large corporations carry out refilling or buy refilling cartridges, a big difference it could make. Think wisely and make some smart choices now!

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