How The Printers Have Evolved

Today, I’ll talk how the printers have evolved in recent years. I’ll not dig into the history but just discuss how the printers and Inkjet Cartridges have developed.

Today, printers are very reasonably priced. Although a big commercial printer is still expensive, you can purchase a simple home machine for a few bucks. This, I think, is a significant development.

Ink cartridges are recyclable now. There were days when a used cartridge had to be thrown and a new one purchased. Today, you can easily buy compatible or recycled cartridges, which cost much less than the original OEM Cartridges. Quality is the same. This enables you to bring down the costs of maintaining a printer significantly. In fact, cartridges cost much more than the printer because these have to purchased on constant basis. So if you are able to save bucks on printer ink cartridges, it is always welcome.

You could refill the cartridge yourself or just drop it at your local supply store. If you are quite short of time, you could purchase these online, something unheard of in the initial printer years.

Today, even water proof printers are available in the market. Gone are the days when you treated water as enemy of your printer. Of course you have still to keep your printer safe from water if it does not have the feature. But it being available is enough in itself. At least, you can purchase one if you require. I remember my assistant mistakenly putting a mug of water on the printer, which fell and ruined the printer.

Even the home printers today are quite good. You can use them to print out important documents, newsletters, letterheads etc. There were times when you had to visit a shop to get your letterhead or newsletter printed. The task has now become much easier.

Evolution of printers has definitely improved the joy of printing.

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