I Heard A Printer Singing!!

Did you ever hear a printer singing? I too didn’t until recently.

Actually, I was playing a promotional video game with my son. The game was launched by a well-known printer products company to promote its products. It began with a cartoon printer reciting this poem –

I am a Printer…Yes…I am a Printer
My job is to print, because I am a Printer!

Cartridge is my friend, it is actually my soul,
It helps me to print, which is my goal

You say my blood is ink, it is definitely so
I always print, it is the only job I know

My job isn’t like like any other task,
I keep on printing, and only once I ask

You might laugh, joke or sneer with your friends
But I keep on with my job, it never ends

We must admit a printer’s job is quite tough. We expect it to perform a multitude of printing tasks for us relentlessly. Sometimes, I myself print hundreds of pages with my printer in a matter of few hours.

I own an HP printer and I am quite impressed with its performance. The machine is quite efficient in its work. I have used all kinds of cartridges with my printer and it has worked well with all of these. But I prefer compatible HP ink cartridges because these are affordable as well as of top class quality. I place my orders for these compatible cartridges online and these are delivered direct to my office.

Till last year, I used to purchase OEM cartridges. These were of course top class, but the problem was, they were just too expensive. I am a small business owner and I just could not afford them. So I thought to use a cheaper option without compromising on quality. A friend suggested me the compatible cartridges and I’ve continued with them till date.

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