Kodak Bankruptcy Has Impeded the Release of New Inkjet Printers in Recent Weeks

Kodak inkjet printer obtains award for being the leading player amongst inkjet printers. Kodak’s exclusive range boasts the lowest ink replacement costs in the industry, making them enormously cost effective, and its simple control panels, paper sensors and specific driver settings ensure user-friendliness.

Indeed, Kodak inkjet printers are ideal for all users. It claims to be the perfect office peripheral for those who work from home and need to produce superior quality prints, and those who need large scale printing will also find them equally useful. At the same time, with Kodak inkjet printers producing excellent quality photographs similar to the quality of photos printed at photo lab. They are also a good option for families who want to treasure the precious moments caught on film.

Unfortunately, Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 of bankruptcy. Although you might know that it would happen in near future, but it is shocking when it happens finally. Now, the company has no plans for the future. Selling patents might give them a bit more money to pay the outstanding bills, but it will not change anything for them.

The bankruptcy has forced the company to shrink as it tried to change itself into a business that concentrated on digital imaging and printing with inkjet printers. Unfortunately, the decline in the business has hampered their inkjet printer business. Kodak has not released any new inkjet printer in the recent weeks. As the world embraces mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, the printing market itself may shrink.

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