Should You Buy a Laser or Inkjet Printer When Printing Only Monochrome?


Small business office that demands high quality and high volume printing must only seek for the monochrome laser printers to compete on the higher level of printing work. Both inkjet and laser printers have come up as a great improvement over the dot matrix printer. However, the laser printer was a step ahead over inkjet printer, but it did not comprehend as quickly.

In fact, laser is the best printer of its kinds for its speed and efficiency. Toner filled cartridges work faster, and can produce large amounts of pages in a short time, depending on the printer.  Furthermore, they can do double the work, by printing on both sides of the paper faster than any currently available inkjet printer. Although the quality of both print technologies is really good, the laser printer is a step better than the inkjet in both text and graphic reproduction.   

Laser printer ink is also much affordable as compared to inkjet ink when ink consumption is considered. A monochrome image when printed through an inkjet printer, the ink thus consumed is a combination of black and other colors in order to achieve the gray scale that the image requires. This is in fact, the primary reason why the image quality is better and more impressive. However, the ink consumption will be more even if you are printing in grayscale. Again, in laser printers the toner and drum are the only inks you need. You can print in bundle before the toner runs out, while the drum can last for a very longer period.  


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