Are chips universal for toner cartridges across different regions of the world?

There are no such things called universal chips for toner cartridges. For an instance: If you are using the ink refill kit for Okidata C330 of USA model, you should buy only the USA version of Okidata C330 chip, which gives a yield of 3000. Most importantly, you can’t employ European version of the Okidata C330 chip that gives 5000 page yield. You must check the version of your printer and cartridge, before buy the chip or chip resetter for it. You should also match the chip and cartridge yield prior to payment.

Following table will help you better in understanding the same –

Model Yield Toner powder formula Chip
Okidata C310 (EU version) 3k pg yield Low yield (same as C330) EU code
Okidata C330 (USA version) 3k pg yield See above USA code
Okidata C530 (EU version) 5k pg yield High Yield (same as C530) EU code
Okidata C530 (USA version) 5k pg yield See above USA code

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