Fuji Xerox Australia Launches First of its Kind Workflow Audit app for iPad

Fuji Xerox Australia has launched workflow Audit application for iPad. It is a free Print Production Workflow Audit app for iPad, available from the App store.  This advanced tool is designed to plan the workflow of a printer, right from job submission through the manufacturing process, to the final product delivery.

As each of the steps in the workflow is traced, the time and costs associated are estimated to draw attention to the ineffectiveness within the current workflow. It then furnishes an ROI by calculating the annual savings in time and effort that can be attained by automating the workflow with Fuji Xerox Workflow Solutions.

Fuji Xerox Australia’s Print Production Workflow Audit app is indeed the first of its kind in the world of technology that is designed to boost up operational efficiencies and help customers cut down additional or unnecessary costs through mapping and analyzing workflows, while estimating where inefficiencies can be reduced.

It is true that run lengths are becoming smaller, and to make profit, printers need to perform more with less. The app provides an insight for print operators, small to medium business owners and other sectors that are capable of producing high-end print production, such as tertiary institutions and Government organizations who want to comprehend the nature of  inefficiencies and where they exist in their print workflows, and where automation could deliver efficiencies and cost savings.

The industry first application of this kind is distinctive to organizations that have superior print production capabilities and want to lessen overall costs through streamlined workflows.

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