How to Avoid Mistakes when Refilling a Sponge filled Cartridge?

Refilling a sponge filled cartridge is not an easy way to accomplish the task. There are some common mistakes mostly happen when refilling a sponge filled cartridge.

The sponge cartridge tends to work by displacing air and ink inside the Inkjet Cartridges in the same volume. If the air is sealed from getting inside the cartridge, the ink will not flow out. This will create a pressure in the cartridge, thus causing a serious damage to the print head.

Another common mistake people often make is disturbing the cartridge right after it is refilled. What many people don’t know is to leave the cartridge undisturbed for about 12 to 14 hours after refilling. This will allow the air bubbles to break up and provides enough time for the ink to absorb in the sponge. If the air bubbles aren’t fully dissolved, it can cause a serious setback to your printing work and you will simply end up with improper printing.

Again, while refilling sponge cartridge with a syringe a certain amount of air blockage is caused in the tube when ink is being filled in the cartridge. This blockage is a major mistake because it results in improper refilling. When it comes to refill sponge cartridge, make sure there is enough room for the air to move in and out.

Refilling should be done gradually since the sponge cannot absorb ink very quickly. And when you refill it fast, the ink will spill out of the filling hole, creating a total mess of the work station. So, carry out the refilling work slowly to get improved quality printing and more effective result.

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