Is Your Printer Stealing Ink From Your Cartridge?

Compatible Canon Inkjet CartridgesWith the boom in the sales of printer, printer manufacturers are preparing quite hard to empty your pocket smoothly. Don’t let the huge marketing campaign and ads get you with some bad printer. Many of the printers these days are made to steal your money and your time by finishing up the inkjet cartridges as soon as possible. How to identify such printer models?

The manufacturers have come up with a few creative ways to drain your ink and toner cartridges as early as possible and then let the customers buy cartridges more rapidly than before. The trap begins with offering cheap printers. As much the printers costs low, the more ink and toners it will require.

It is quite a common trap for the manufacturers to set out for the customers by offering cheaper amount of printer and cash in with the inks and cartridges. Look at the cost of the cartridge and divide it by the page yield, the number of pages the manufacturer promises the cartridge can print. Though it depends what you are printing but check according to the industry standard which can at least lead towards a result. If your printer’s costs exceed these averages of the standards, you should consider looking for another one.

If you are going to buy a lower capacity of inkjet cartridges, it will cost you more in the long run. Also when you print relatively less and not as much as a regular person, it can suck more of the ink from the printer. But, if you are talking about printing a lot of copies every day, look for ink cartridges with yields above 250 pages, or toner cartridges with yields above 2000 pages. There are printers which offer high-yield consumable inks; they have the capability to save you a lot more.

Choose the right printer and don’t let the manufacturers trap you with their marketing skills. Research before making an investment and dig deeper to understand every move of manufacturers and designers.

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