It’s all about choosing the right paper type

Paper jams are very annoying. The error message displaying ‘Paper Jam’ is more or less as frustrating as ‘Lift not working’. To get rid of this frustration, choose the paper-type that is befitting your printer. The printer technicians are constantly facing complaints regarding the trouble with the paper tray. Choosing the right kind of paper for your printer is a good riddance to these jamming problems.

For users, it is important to keep abreast of what kind of paper is compatible with your printer type, be it laser or Inkjet Printer. Remaining informed saves you from extra expenditure that goes into repairing your machines from profuse damage caused by paper jams.
Different types of papers are available that serve different needs. Little heavyweight papers are meant for photocopies or fax, sturdy and glossy papers produce realistic photos. Papers that are coated on both the sides are suitable for newsletters or reports, while papers with extremely smooth finish are pertinent for business documents.

The best way is to flip through your printer’s manual to see what kind of paper allows it to work resistant-free. The laser printers and inkjet printers both have their own mechanisms of working and their own paper requirements. Inkjets require very fine and smooth papers that produce ground fine, intense graphics and texts, which is exemplary for high- resolution colour printing. They are glossy, opaque and can resist smudging, especially those meant for photos.

In laser printers, the toner melts and adheres to the surface of the paper. So the papers meant for laser printers are designed to resist heat. A paper which is not suitable for laser printers might twist and turn due to the heat resulting in jamming.

Your printer’s instruction manual will tell you the apt paper-type. So stick to the instructions and enjoy frictionless printing.

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