Original Inkjet Print Cartridges vs. Third-party Refilled and Remanufactured Cartridges


Premium quality and technically sound inkjet cartridge with quality ink is the basic requirement of a printer to get the best output from it. Whether the printing requirements are very high or it is done on to get printout after a brake, keeping it maintained and in good working condition is important. No matter which brand of printer you own, original inkjet cartridges are known for providing you the printouts of the best quality. However, after regular use or printing certain number of copies, the ink runs out and needs to be replaced or refilled.

When it comes to refilling, replacing the existing cartridge with the re-manufactured cartridge, it is certainly an important decision and you need to keep some essential points in. Comparing original inkjet cartridge versus third party refilled and re-manufactured cartridges is the right decision.

According to surveys and researched conducted over original and recycled or re-manufactured cartridges, original cartridges are found the best. Even replacing the empty cartridge with new one according to the printer brand is beneficial. Page yield is the main point that ensure which one is better. According to a testing process, new and original inkjet cartridges can print 50% more pages in comparison to third party refilled and remanufactured cartridges. 

Cartridge reliability is also another main issue that draw the attention. An original inkjet cartridges hardly fails in the testing process. There are numerous added benefits of having these cartridges. Print quality may also be different. In simple words, the quality of the printouts always clear and unique if they are get from the original one; while a difference can be seen in the re-manufactured cartridges. 

Many a times, it is noticed that people prefer to buy third party refilled and re-manufactured cartridge. This is not the right decision in anyway. Or if the printing requirements are always high without compromising with the quality, then it is advised to buy the real cartridge. 

When it comes to buy such original inkjet cartridge according to the preferred brand of printer, you will certainly get the best solutions from an authorized distributor or from an retail outlet like Atlantic Inkjet that is an ideal platform to buy new and original cartridges or third party refilled and re-manufactured cartridges. Simply choose the right retailer or the authorized distributor and buy the right cartridges.

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