Recycling Printer Ink Cartridges

Today, I think I should talk about Recycled Ink Cartridges.

Most people I know go for the recycled cartridges instead of new ones which are of course quite expensive. Once I just made a casual survey with them why they opt for the recycled ones instead of purchasing the brand new ones. Most of them replied that this saved money for them. A recycled cartridge was available in a fraction of the price of the original one. And some, to my pleasant surprise, did this to help environment. Don’t be surprise! Using recycled products, let alone cartridges, does support the environment. Using recycled ink cartridges diminishes various hazards resulted by the sustained disposing of inkjet plastic containers that cartridges are.

Let me explain the effects of the recycling process. Technically, the process involves refilling the existing Inkjet Cartridges with ink and then putting it back to its normal performance. The number of circles printer ink cartridges might undergo recycling is limited by two major reasons. Some cartridges do not allow to be legally recycled and are marked as ‘dispose only’.

If a cartridge doesn’t carry this tag, it is legal to proceed with the refill process. You can submit your cartridge to the authorized dealership workshop where it is refilled using the particularly designed professional tool set. You could also recycle on your own using the retailer offered tool kit which includes a drilling device and an ink refill container with the special outlet which you use to safely fill ink into your existing cartridge.

You can recycle a cartridge twice or thrice without considerably losing print job quality. Eventually, the print head will become clogged to the point that further recycling will just not be possible. If you do so the print quality will be compromised. In that case dispose off your cartridge and purchase a new one.

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