Samsung ML-2545: This mono laser printer brings out quality at a price that’s perfect for your budget

This mono laser printer delivers best quality and at rapid speed. So now there is no more waiting around for your printouts…grab your documents as soon as you command the printer to print them. It’sa time-saving machine that works at enhancing your productivity.

If you are hunting for a personal printer, it’s about time you have made the right choice. This is the perfect choice for a personal printer and is suitable for any kind of work atmosphere; splendid and spotless black and white prints are delivered.Eloquent printouts are delivered at a rapid speed of 24 ppm (page per minute). A resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) creates a superb impact on the quality delivered.

It’s a cinch to install and use. The ‘printer manager’ displays all the necessary information about the printer, like its model name, IP address, and even warns you when the toner level is going down or when there is not enough paper in the tray.

With the one-piece Toner Cartridges you stay happy and untroubled.Your expenses are taken care of by the wide range of consumables this printer offers. For heavy-duty printing, you can opt for high yield toner cartridges; the whole idea is to pay less and use more, ultimately you benefit by saving more.

This sleek printer is steady and quiet; promises to deliver reliable and professional looking documents. Place it anywhere in your office, and it will add a pinch of style to it.

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