Saving Your Bucks on Printer Ink

Most people feel that they are shelling out more dollars for printer ink than the printer itself. And, in fact, this is true. Purchasing printer ink, in the long term, is most costly than the printer itself. An average consumer of printer ink ends up spending more for their Inkjet Cartridges over the life of their printer than they spent on the printer when they bought it.

However, you need not feel disappointed. There are ways you can bring down the amount of printer ink that you use and save your costs for replacement cartridges. A few ideas would help you slash your costs.

Set your printer to print black and white documents. Most printers are set to print in color as a default, so you need to manually change it. The idea is, print in black and white until you are sure you need a colored document. That way you would be able to save your printer ink in the cartridges and cut down on the costs.

You can keep your printer on draft mode. Most printers are programmed by the manufacturers to print in either normal or high quality mode. If you reset the printer’s default settings to either draft or economy mode, you’ll be able to pull down the ink used per print.

While printing documents like emails, directions, or flight itineraries, economy mode will be more than adequate. You actually don’t need to print documents in high quality. Do you? If you require a high quality print like a business letter or a visiting card, change the setting. A few clicks would help you save costs.

Attend to your printer regularly. I mean clean your printer on regular intervals. Wipe down the interior parts of your printer at least once per month with a soft, lint-free cloth. Dust can block your printer’s nozzles. Wiping it out would prevent you from that kind of blockage which ends up with smeared or streaked prints wasting plenty of ink.

Just implement these tips and test for yourselves whether these work or not.

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