When My Inkjet Cartridge Prints Poor Quality

When my inkjet cartridge is printing low quality with lines or streaks on the page, or colors faded out on the page or inks vanishing after each word, these are the signs which say that my the print-head of my printer have a clog. The options to deal with a print-head clog are different depending on the print-heads being on the cartridge, or the model of the printer.

How to know whether the print-heads are in the printer or in the cartridge?

Since “Printheads” are the mechanical parts, this part of the printer consists of hundreds of tiny nozzles through which the ink flows before getting printed to the paper. Some cartridges have print-heads directly on the cartridge (like most Lexmark, HP and Dell cartridges), though mostly inkjet cartridges do not have print-heads on the cartridge (such as all Brother, all Epson, all Kodak and a few of HP and Lexmark).

Inkjet Cartridges

The printers that do not have print-heads on the cartridge have printheads inside the printer. When you are not sure whether the print-heads are on the specific cartridge or in your specific printer, email us and we will assist through the process.

How to troubleshoot when your print-heads are in the printer

For every types of printers, you will find a solution called “printhead cleaning” option in the menu of your printer, also known as “nozzle cleaning”. Run the print-head cleaning cycle 1-2 times on the go to get the ink to flow properly.

How to troubleshoot when your print-heads are on the cartridge?

1 – Pour hot water into a cup for about 1/4 inch deep.
2 – Place the head of the cartridge where the ink comes out of when printing, also known as print-heads into the water.
3 – Keep the cartridge right there until the water cools and then repeat the first two process twice all over.
4 – Lastly, dry the cartridge and test it in the printer or you can do the same process using our Print Head Cleaning Solution which is more convenient than hot water or steam.

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