Xerox Phaser Toner Cartridges – Replace or Refill?

Xerox Phaser 6700If you have a Xerox Phaser 6700 series of printer, are you in a quest whether you should buy replacement cartridges or refill your empty cartridges? Many a users prefer using original brand made cartridges, as they believe that it gives the best quality prints, while many others feel that there is nothing in over wasting, and they should use refill kits with their printers.

For offices, using original replacement cartridges could be okay, they need the best print quality, but for individuals, it is an expensive pursuit. The price of original replacement cartridges is very lavish, and it isn’t smart for them to buy it whenever it runs out of ink.

For individual users of Xerox 6700, there are Xerox Phaser Toner Cartridges Refills that are quite low-priced. These refills give the same printing results, as originals; and in most cases, you get better page yield than that of originals. They print quality generated from Xerox Phaser Toner Cartridges Refills is just as same as fresh, original toner cartridges.

In fact, most offices are also using Xerox Phaser Toner Cartridges Refills in order to cut down their printing cost.

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