You Can Save Your Time When Printing! Check Out how

You have already read a lot of ways to cut off your printing costs like using compatible laser toner cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges or introducing some changes in your printer settings. But have you ever considered of ways that can actually save you on your printing time! Well, here it is.

Today, saving time has also been one of the major concerns of many people who just can’t waste a minute to get their document(s) printed. If you are in the situation wherein you want to save on your Toner refills, inks or toners so you often control printer settings, but you can do it in the other way, by applying the trick of having two printer settings saved on your system.  So, how will you come up with it? Here are the few steps:

Move to the Printers folder on your computer and then click on the “Add Printer” icon. This will make you set up your printer twice so that you have two prevailing printer settings whenever you are printing your files.

Set up the same printer two times and then provide each with the proper name so that you would have the idea when you are going to print your files.

For each type of installed printer, apply different printer settings- one for draft printing and the other for high quality printing. This way, you can easily pick up the setting that you want when you creating that printout.

If you are concerned that this may not be applicable on your printer, then you do not have to since the settings may vary from printer to printer. Yet, you can try out this tip so long as you have realized how your printing device works out.

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