Advice for Buying Ink and Toner


When you plan to buy a printer, it is ideal to take note of the various consumables it needs. One of them is the ink. Without further ado, here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing ink for your printer:

Ink cartridges

If you plan to get an ink printer, you have to take note of the capacity of inkjet cartridges. This can give you a rough idea of how many printouts you can expect. Moreover, when estimating the cost of the printer ink, you have to take the capacity and the cost of the cartridges into account.

Single color cartridges

Renowned printers make use of the CMYK scale which involves using various tones such as yellows, black, magenta, and cyan to come up with a color spectrum.

Block color cartridges

Most printers that support block color cartridges can only hold two inkjet cartridges. One is generally reserved for black color while the other is for magenta, yellow, and cyan.

Solid ink

If you have a solid ink printer, you must have noticed that inkjet cartridges melt between the devices, meaning that it produces super-quality printouts.

Toner cartridges

Laser printers are known to use toner cartridges that work closely with the drum unit. The cartridge normally has coloring agents and toner powder.

Toner value packs

Toner value packs are better when bought in bulk. Combining color packs can help you save time. Consumers that require this mostly benefit by utilizing the cartridges in the best ways and following the storage guideline effectively.

XL cartridges

The modern, versatile printers easily support XL cartridges. They help in reducing the cost of the ink over time.

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