How Long Are Inkjet Cartridges Good For?

Expiration dates of inkjet cartridges vary, all depending on when they are first manufactured and the condition they had been before the purchase. Most inkjet cartridges are labeled with their own expiration date, so there’s not much question there. Most ink cartridges can last up for two years, depending on their condition. Refills expire earlier than the new ones as refills have a looser seal than the newly manufactured cartridges.

Several factors contribute to how long inkjet cartridges can last, and they can help you know how long are inkjet cartridges good for.

How Should I Store My Inkjet Cartridge?

Inkjet cartridges should always be in an upright position when stored. Do not put them lying down or upside down. Storing them in an upright position keeps the ink inside from shifting and causing print problems when used.

Location of the Inkjet Cartridge Storage

Inkjet cartridges should be stored somewhere with room temperature. Heat and cold have different effects on the ink, both of which are not good. Cartridges exposed to extreme heat have the tendency to have the ink inside bubble up. Extreme cold is no better as cartridges exposed to this condition can make the ink inside separate.

Make Sure the Cartridges are Sealed

One obvious result of neglecting to keep the cartridge sealed is the drying up of the ink inside. This is also a big factor in how long the ink cartridge will last. Completely sealed cartridges have more of a chance to last longer than tampered ones. This is why it’s advisable that you only open a cartridge when you’re sure that you’re going to use it.

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