The History of Printer Ink Cartridges

The history of printer ink cartridges goes in tandem with the history of printing and the development of print technology. Print technology has been around for almost a century, and mainly the strike mechanism printer, the dot matrix, was used. The foundations for the inkjet printer were laid down in the 1970s with prototypes being developed.

It was not until the mid-1980s that the father of the modern day inkjet printer came through and changed the printing design. With the inkjet printer, came the inkjet cartridges that provided the ink for the printing purposes. At its baby footsteps, the inkjet mainly featured the black colored ink. The toner cartridge also came up and was mainly for the heavy-duty printers.

In the 1990s, the inkjet technology had gained much traction and mainstream appeal; hence, its use really appreciated. Many different color modes were added to make it more usable for different color prints. The cartridges were also improved and became more efficient and less prone to damages and spills.

The developments have over the years gone up spelling a brighter future for the printer ink cartridges. The colors have also been upgraded to various different shades such as the color black comingin two shades.

Evidence of the development of the inkjet cartridge technology is the Epson WF-4730 Inkjet Cartridges which delivers high-quality print in all color modes. The Epson WF-4730 Inkjet Cartridges printer itself employs top-notch technology and is very specific on the type of cartridge used.

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