Are Chocolate Transfer Sheets Hard to Use?

No, chocolate transfer sheets are not hard to use. In fact, it is so easy that your kids can help you do it. Transferring images on preprinted sheets takes only few minutes, and can be customized to fit your creativity.  All that is required is a neat and clean working space, your preferred chocolate transfer sheet, your skill, and your fridge.  In less than 20 min, you can do it, without having to pay the high cost of having someone else to do the work for you.

Generally, transfer sheets or transfers are a robust but flexible plastic sheet layered with a delicious mixture of cocoa butter and FDA approved food coloring, which has been imprinted with appetizing designs. The sheets come in a wide range of designs and color as per your choice. You can use them on any flat surface of food item made of chocolate or to decorate cookies, biscuits, cakes and other items. You just need to spread the melted chocolate over the transfer sheet and when it is placed the design will be imprinted to the chocolate. This way you can create amazing and professional designs easily with chocolate transfer sheets.

Significantly, these sheets can be used with any type of chocolate. If you use milk or dark chocolate, it will show gold designs, and the white chocolate will show up pastel or lighter colors. However, each sheet is meant for one application only. You can take the sheet, cut it to the specific size you need and can tape them together on the bottom for making longer strips.

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