Buying a Printer or Printer Ink


Just before writing this blog, I was going through a blog, somewhere on the internet, where someone has mentioned that he purchased a printer at $70, and surprisingly both the cartridges (colored and black) at $90, which was more than  the price of printer. So next time, when his cartridges ran out of ink, he purchased the whole new printer, instead of buying replacement cartridges.

It is true that the original cartridges are highly expensive, buy to get the best printing experience, people tend to buy it. But to reduce the printing cost while keep on getting the same printing experience, there are many options that one can use. One may consider using re-manufactured or recycled cartridges that are the original but used cartridges. Prices of recycled cartridges are very less in comparison to the prices of original fresh cartridges. And these cartridges are generally sold by genuine brands, so the quality of printing never gets poor. One can also consider using printer ink refill kits, which are the most affordable way to get great print quality.

It isn’t wise at all to keep on investing your valuable money on such things, which you can get at affordable rates. And maybe the person, who purchases a new printer every month, would have opened a shop of used printers.

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