Printer Ink – Really The Most Expensive Liquid on Earth?

I read somewhere that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the Earth. I thought it was a joke? It isn’t! Cartridge tubes really come so costly that one is surprised.

Is the tube really stuffed with wonderful things? Now, having worked with printer cartridges for so long, I know that printer ink is composed of nothing but 99% distilled and possibly de-ionized water to which color pigments are added to give it the desired color. Are these components so pretty penny to justify the price?

I don’t think so. Do you?

So why are we paying so high prices for printer cartridges? Is it to help printer manufacturing companies reap high profits or do you think it is simply because we have no other option? Well, if that’s what you think, think again. Since the time I realized the huge amounts I am paying to printer companies every other month, my search for other options began and I did get alternatives, not one but many.

You can easily get compatible cartridges that are designed to work perfectly well with your printer model, or re-manufactured which are your old cartridges refilled with fresh ink or better still refill it yourself with a refill kit. Better still, get printer ink in bulk and refill all your dying cartridges. Many people advised me not to use these cartridges but the explorer inside me didn’t listen to anyone and I tried all kinds of alternatives in search of the perfect option for me. To the surprise of all, and to my pleasure they all turned out to work great. Not only do these cartridges save you more than half the money you blew away on original cartridges, but also give fantastic prints. Even refilling which looks like a hassle is quite easy. The end result was, the people who stopped me from using these alternatives are themselves using them today.

So, do you still want to purchase the most expensive liquid on earth?

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