Tips for Saving Printer Ink

Printing is a routine function for any business, large, medium or small. So you have to ensure that it does not become costly, and, at the same time, is efficient too. Lost time due to printer ink, toner or paper running out and staff having to leave the office premises to get more stock of printer cartridges can impact productivity as well as profit.

You can take care of this by keeping with you sufficient stock of ink cartridges. If you find OEM cartridges expensive, you can use good quality compatible cartridges. These cartridges are quite affordable. And don’t worry about their quality. Compatible cartridges manufactured by good suppliers are as good, if not better than OEM cartridges.

A common business model for established printer manufacturers involves selling the actual printer at or even below production cost, while dramatically scaling up the price of the ink cartridges. Most inkjet printers offer three print quality modes: best, normal, and draft. Keep your mode at normal till you do not specifically need the best printing quality. You can put it to draft mode if the document printed is not important, or you need it just for a short while.

The best mode consumes a lot of ink comparable to normal and draft modes. The latter is the least costly. However, the quality of ink in draft mode is usually poor.

A few tips for saving printer ink can be quite helpful. Always use the print preview function to ensure that you aren’t printing something having a glaring error. Check for mistakes so you don’t have to reprint. If you need multiple copies of a document, photocopy it. Photocopying is always less expensive than printing. If the work can be done by sending an electronic copy, do send an e-mail rather than printing the document.

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