Use Recycled cartridges as Fashion Accessories

It will not be wrong to assume that good quality printers are backbone of every business. Lots of paper work is done in the offices; they need to take out the print out of almost every document made on the computer, every sales documentation, lead generation strategies are transformed into words by a printer. With printer come the cartridges which are also important product of daily use for the smooth functionality of any organization. A regular availability of the cartridge needs to be maintained. But, what do they do when an empty cartridge is ready to be thrown in the dustbin? Either they refill the cartridge or recycle the cartridge and re-use it. Another available option is using these as fashion accessories.

These days, people are really becoming active to protect the environment and upcoming fashion designers are making the use of recycled cartridges. Fashion designers are famous for experimenting innovative ideas of dressing in the industry. This time, they have converted tiny corrugated pieces found in cartridge in funky earrings. And other parts of the cartridge like power buttons are used as details on leather jacket or as buttons on shirts.

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