Ways to Identify a Fake Ink Cartridge

People are always looking to get the best deal at the least price when shopping. Inkjet cartridges are no exception. Regrettably, there is a multitude of counterfeiters looking to take advantage of bargain hunters.

Using fake inkjet cartridges poses several dangers. First, it may result in bursting of the printer due to leakages arising from poor construction materials. Second, it may result in blockage of nozzles. Lastly, fake ink cartridges may result in overheating of the printer, which affects the internal functionality of the printer.

It is quite difficult to notice a counterfeit ink cartridge. Since they are forged, they resemble genuine products almost entirely. However, it is not impossible to spot them. Here is how can you identify a fake ink cartridge;

  1. Check for abnormally low prices

Despite quality issues, most consumers end up buying counterfeit ink cartridges because of the meager prices. Most manufacturers have a minimum price for their goods.

You can check the lowest price from the manufacturer`s website. Question any ink cartridge retailing lower than a third party cartridge.

  1. Packaging

Packaging makes it easy to identify counterfeit goods. You are likely to notice minor differences from an original cartridge. A fake cartridge is likely to have misspellings, ink traces on the cartridge. Also, check for security labels and low-quality prints.

  1. Sellers identity

The identity of the seller should guide you. If the inkjet cartridges are from an unknown brand, be careful. You can settle for cartridges from reputable brands and dealers. If it is a new brand, consider checking for reviews before purchasing.


Top 10 Customer Reviews – Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet Cartridges Customer Reviews

Helpful Customer Review – 1

Was a little worried when first replacing cartridges on new brother product.

Of course the manufacturer strongly recommends using only their approved, more expensive replacements. They lead you to believe warranty will be affected if you don’t use their innobella cartridges. So far I’ve ordered twice and knock on wood, everything has been fine.Easy ordering, shipping not bad and prices fair. The convenience coupled with lower pricing makes them an easy choice.

Helpful Customer Review – 2

I gave 5 stars because of the years I have dealt with Atlanticinkjet and the service they provided , supplying HP and Epson inks.. My only problem is that they do not carry the Magenta and Light Magenta inks for the Epson 3880. Maybe someday.

Helpful Customer Review – 3Review Ink Cartridges

First of all I’ve been doing business with Atlantic for many years and always received quality products and great service, more then good prices.

I will continue to do business with them, Jack Murphy Largo, FL.

Helpful Customer Review – 4

I have purchased in the past and have always received my ink in good order. I have a new printer now and am currently waiting for the ink to arrive.Seems to take forever to come when you are waiting for it. Sort of like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to come to a boil. I am fully expecting to have good luck this time as well.

Helpful Customer Review – 5

Best prices on OEM inks any where. Fast shipping. Only one caveat: unable to access my account unless something is in the cart. Would like to be able to access account to just reorder a previous order.

Helpful Customer Review – 6

Great and inexpensive place to purchase ink

Everything arrived in a timely manner & well packaged. It was easy to find the proper ink cartridges for my printer by just choosing my model. I’ve ordered multiple times from this company & have never had any problems. I’d recommend them to anyone and this order was for my mother.

Helpful Customer Review – 7

Atlantic Inkjet made the order right

After forgetting to include one of the items I ordered with the original shipment, Atlantic responded by shipping the missing item after I notified them. All communications were timely and courteous. I will order from them again without hesitation.

Helpful Customer Review – 8

Reliable Inks

I have been purchasing ink for my printer from Atlantic inkjet for about five years now, and the service has always been very prompt and the quality of the ink excellent. At one point I purchased a different printer and a company representative arranged for me to return all of the extra ink cartridges I had for my old printer and exchange it for ink for my new printer. I was very glad about that because I had quite a bit of ink in reserve. I appreciate the value and frequency of the special sales days they offer. I wouldn’t buy my ink anywhere else.

Helpful Customer Review – 9

Always good service

I have used Atlantic Ink Jet for many years now with exceptionally good results. Shipping is easy and free if your order is large enough (but not too large) and it arrives quickly. Price is unbelievable and the quality is excellent. In all these years I have only had two or three cartridges that did not work properly. When I mentioned them to the company they replaced them. But at the price you pay, that few is not a big deal.

Helpful Customer Review – 10

Ink order

The order I placed with the supplier is a fantastic buy, it got to my house on time and complete. This is a much better way to get your ink needs filled, my complete order was half the cost of the one ink I had to buy. I was worried at first giving a card number up front, have NEVER done that before, but, everything worked out fine, thanks Atlantic Inkjet, I don’t use a lot of ink but any that I do need will come from you, hope you stay in business!

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