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Refilling Lexmark Ink Cartridges

You have purchased a quality Lexmark printer and it is performing quite well. But you are wary what it would do when the cartridge gets out of ink. There is no local refiller for the printers. The scenario demands that you learn yourself to refill the ink cartridge so that your work does not hamper when the cartridge needs to be refilled.

How to Use Lexmark Ink Cartridges

If you own a printer, you will come across printer problems. You must know how to deal with these rather than running for your mechanic every time. Expect to confront problems from printheads to paper jams to blinking error lights. So learn to deal with them.

How to Choose Your Printer?

Too many options make you confused. Isn’t it? When you venture out to purchase a printer, you find so many printer types. You just don’t know which one would be suitable for you.

Well. I could help you on this.

Epson Cartridges: What Do They Bring for You

“Damn it…just fed up of this cartridge…want to throw it!”

I have heard people screaming like this when they try to get a quality printout urgently needed from the printer which it fails to deliver.

A Chat on Quality Ink Cartridges

Recently, I had a quite informative chat regarding ink cartridges with a mate. I thought putting it online would benefit others too. So here it goes.

He happened to meet me when I was parking my car outside the home. I had returned from office and was thinking to have a quick bath and a couple of drinks before heading for club.

How to Refill Your Ink Cartridge?

A cousin of mine started a DTP shop recently. Like all newbies, he too did not know how to refill his ink cartridge. So, when the cartridge called, he had little option but to call for me. I live at stone’s throw and took hardly a minute to drop at his shop. I did refill his cartridge and explained how to refill a new one. And I decided to put the process for you too to share.

Some Printers and Cartridges Facts

If your thought that the Inkjet Cartridge which enabled your printer to produce those luminous images and letters on the paper was a fancy type of product, you were wrong. The cartridge is actually just a container with spools of ink supply for a device called printer. And there are those people for whom the cartridge is a seemingly a non existent device. They only miss its presence when they are required to print an important document and the printer Replace Cartridge note. Whichever category you are a part of, it is imperative for you to purchase a cartridge.

Recycling Printer Ink Cartridges

Today, I think I should talk about Recycled Ink Cartridges.

When You Purchase An Ink Cartridge

Purchasing Inkjet Cartridges is not that easy. You have to take care of several factors before taking any decision. A wrong decision could result in financial losses or, in worse case, a lawsuit to deal with. So it is always better to consider in length before you arrive at any decision. Better take a little longer to decide than to get it wrong.

Troubleshooting in HP printers and Cartridges

I’ll talk about troubleshooting HP printers and Inkjet Cartridges today. Good thing about HP products is that they can be identified and solved quickly. Just a few clicks here and there, and some work with hardware, and the problem would be solved.

Questions to Ask A Cartridge Sales Executive

Sales executives are usually talking bombs. They can just floor people with their talking ability. They say you give brass to a talented sales professional and he would sell it as gold. But I would tell you how to add gum to the mouth of a printer Inkjet Cartridgessalesperson. He’ll only utter words if he has got a genuine product.

Why OEM Cartridges Are so Expensive

Shoot through the gate.

No. I am not talking about shooting with a gun or a camera. You have to shoot with your intellect the strategy of branded cartridge manufacturers.