What are the Most Common Problems with Reservoir Cartridges

Ink reservoir cartridges are considered the most cost-effective cartridges, as they can be refilled more than two-three times. If you want to save on ink and printing cost, you should choose Epson inkjet printers that use reservoir cartridges. However, reservoir cartridges are not without their problems.

One of the major problems associated with this cartridge is ink clogging. When you refill the Inkjet Cartridges, the ink used in the process may not match the cartridge manufacturer’s ink formulation or standard. As a result, the ink may not flow freely through the cartridge nozzles and can clog the nozzles over time. This will affect the quality of printing and can damage the printer as well.

Another common problem is ink leakage through the cartridge. At the time of Ink Refills, a syringe is used to inject ink inside the cartridge hole. In this case, there is an increasing probability that the cartridge will leak and spoil the documents. You may end up with a mess and require purchasing a new cartridge. This problem may be serious and can require professional repairs to your devices.

Print quality may also be affected in some cases. The ink used to refill your Laser Toner Cartridges may be of inferior quality and this often resulting in ink bleed and unclear images and texts. Overall, the quality of printing is flawed and you do not get good quality from refilled cartridges.

However, the advantage is that this not only saves you money but also reduces waste and helps our planet to remain clean.

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