Kodak Heros- A New Line of Inkjet Printer Series with Added Features

Kodak has added a line of inkjet printers to their repertoire. The new Kodak Hero all-in-one printers are hitting the market record because of their excellent capabilities to print files pushed from any device connected to the internet. This feature is achievable because of the execution of Google Cloud Print and Kodak’s Email Print technologies.  What is most important is that, the device sending the print command does not require having the printer drivers installed, thus increasing the printer’s compatibility with other.

The new Kodak Hero series consists of four new printer series. The printers are named as “Hero” and the clear model versions are indicated by the first number, with the version number indicated by the second number. So, by the next year you can look forward to see 5.2, or 6.2 etc. This makes it absolutely easy and convenient to observe the differences between the models as compared to the previous names. Significantly, all models attribute special dual sided printing, email print feature, cloud connection and smart sensor technology.

The printers are cloud connected and using the new Google cloud printing service you will get internet based print lines. This allows you to administer print jobs on the Google cloud and share printers etc. Additionally, Cloud printing technology will be added to the earlier printers with a firmware update either through wireless or USB, depending on the way your printer is connected to your computer. All printers are Wi-Fi enabled with USB connection, and SD/MS memory card readers.

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