Printer Maintenance can extend the Life of Your Printer

If you want your printer to last a long time and perform at its best levels for the years to come, it is important that you take proper printer maintenance of the machine on a regular basis. Mostly, it depends on the care you provide to not only the printer, but also to its cartridges. Just like any other things in life, machine also get worn out and damaged over time. So, it is your utmost responsibility to maintain your printer and keep it going for an easier and trouble free use.

You can begin with keeping the interior of your printer clean. The insides must be free from dust and paper debris and you should wipe it with clean, lint-free cloth at least once a month. This will check paper jams and will also take out any remains that will ruin the quality of your prints. Preventing paper jams from occurring is the most crucial aspect of printer maintenance. To stop paper jams from happening, avoid printing on torn or folded paper and utilize the paper rating that meets the minimum necessities of your printer.

You must also clean the printer heads, and make sure that you empower your system before installing new or compatible cartridges. This will help prevent clogging and thereby extend the life of the print heads.

Most significantly, handle your device with care. Remember, your printer is a fragile unit, so do not just slam its lid or push or drop it, you may end up with the little parts broken off. So, keep the manual feed tray closed if your printer is currently not in use.

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