How To Refill Toner Printers With HP Refills?

Material Requirement: Screw driver, Tweezer, Toner HP Refills or Powder, Brush, Soft Cloth.

Steps Of Refilling Toner Printer:

1. First of all find 4 screws and unscrew the both end of the hp 12 toner cartridge.

2. Open the drum side cover by just pulling it from drum gear side.

3. Get out the drum by simply sliding the drum by side.

4. Remove the magnetic roller by slightly making gaps and inserting the tweezer on the other side of the hp toner and not the Inkjet Cartridges.

5. Remove the magnetic roller washer by the tweezer.

6. Open the other end of the cartridge by pulling it gently until it separated and do not remove the gears.

7. Then you will find two parts, one is waste toner part and other is empty toner part.

8. Get out the tension spring located at waste toner part.

9. Remove the drum pressure roller from the waste toner part of the hp 12 a cartridge.

10. You will see the wiper blade just below the pressure roller. Unscrew and remove the wiper blade and clean it by soft cloth. Do not twist the transparent blade part.

11. Remove the waste dust with the help of brush and clean it gently by a soft cloth. Do not damage the plastic film blade that is stick on the cartridge. Fix the wiper blade and fasten the screw gently.

12. Now, clean the drum pressure roller by soft cloth and check for any dry sticky dust on the roller. If necessary clean the roller by a wet cloth.

13. Fix the pressure roller to its position and empty the tonner unit is any dust remains.

14. Shake the toner HP Refills well dust before refilling. Pour the dust by help of a piece of paper.

15. Assemble the both unit of the Cartridges gently and reassure the adjustment with no gaps remaining on the either sides of the toner cartridge. Do not use Inkjet Cartridges and make excess pressure during assembling, simply make the position it will get its position softly.

16. Fix the magnetic roller gently. Locate the spring part of the magnetic roller ‘D’ shaped. Match the shape with the cartridge body.

17. During fixing of the magnetic roller you have to make slight gap so,that the gear gets its right position.

18. If necessary use a new drum for the best result. Place the drum by gently sliding to the cartridge body. Do not touch the drum area, hold the drum by its gear.

19.Tighten all the screws and fix the tension spring by the help of a tweezer.





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