Why OEM Cartridges Are so Expensive

Shoot through the gate.

No. I am not talking about shooting with a gun or a camera. You have to shoot with your intellect the strategy of branded cartridge manufacturers.

If you have a glance on the prices of printers in recent years, you will notice that the price of printing devices has come down steadily. Not only the regular ones but even the sophisticated printers that produce really good prints do not cost a bank balance now. Printers usually used by people in their homes come so cheap that you can buy them any day. These machines usually function for years without any special care. My point is if manufacturers can give away the printers at affordable prices, why come the manufacturer made cartridges come so expensive.

Manufactures offer a reason for decreasing cost of printers. They say that per unit cost of production is lower for mass produced commodities, hence they can provide printers cheaply. Accepted. But why does the theorum bounce on the cartridges? I guess peeping through the gates would offer a solution. Manufacturers are aware that printers are bought once in several years. They keep the prices deliberately low to get their printers inside optimum homes and offices. Once the printer of a particular brand is bought, it is most likely that the owner will continue purchasing expensive cartridges from the manufacturers, creating hole in their pocket.

Massive advertising campaigns lead consumers to believe that original cartridges are better than the recycled or compatible ones. Every trick in the trade is used to convince consumers of this. They spend millions in advertising and pass on the costs to the consumers. You have to pay for the gimmicks of the manufacturers.

To shoot the strategy of the manufacturers, you just have to switch to generic cartridges. I contend some of these products could be inferior to the OEM Cartridges ones like HP Inkjet Cartridges, but if you choose a compatible or recycled cartridge produced by a reliable supplier, you can get the same quality at a fraction of the price.

Mind my words.

Shoot through the gate.

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