How to Replace the Ink Cartridge for your Brother Printer

Follow this step-by-step instruction when replacing your Brother Inkjet Cartridges:

  1. Simply open the cover of your ink cartridge compartment.
  2. Pull down the lock release lever and take out the empty ink cartridge.
  3. Take out your new ink cartridge from its sealed bag.
  4. Pull out the protective yellow cap and take extra care to not touch this area.
  5. Before inserting the ink cartridge, double-check if it’s the correct color, as each color has its exact position.
  6. Use the arrow on the label to put your ink cartridge in position.
  7. Lift up the lock release lever and gently push your ink cartridge in until it clicks.
  8. Close your printer’s ink compartment, and it will automatically reset its ink dot counter.

Your printer wants to remind you of these few things:

  • Take good care of me, by using only Genuine Brother Inkjet Cartridges, please do not refill and reuse my empty ink cartridges or replace them with an ink from a third party. This may damage my system and it would result in my unsatisfactory print quality.
  • If I can’t identify the new ink cartridge and give you a “No Cartridge” message, please check if you installed the ink cartridges properly.
  • Please make sure you only take out my ink cartridges if I tell you that they need replacement. If you take them out and place them back in, I might not be able to tell how much ink is left in that cartridge and I might reduce the ink quantity.


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