How to Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge and Make it Last

Refilling ink cartridges is one good way to help you save money. If you buy new ones, these might be expensive for some printer types. Moreover, refilling your empty ink cartridges is another way of reducing environmental wastes.

Learn how to take good care of your ink cartridges to make them last longer.

  • Refill them when the ink is getting low.

If the quality of your printouts turn out to be fading or blurred, then it is best that you immediately refill your inkjet cartridges. For some printers, this is not a problem since they have indicators where you can see accurately the current ink levels.

  1. Store an ink cartridge in a tight or zip-lock plastic bag.

This will prevent the ink from immediately drying as you head to the ink refilling store. Also, it is a must that you keep it in a dry place with a cool temperature. Exposing your ink cartridge to direct heat and sunlight can also cause severe damage to it.

  1. Take good care of the electronic parts of your cartridge.

When touching the ink cartridge of your printer, you have to avoid touching the electronic parts as it can cause disruptions to your printer-cartridge connection.

Remember that if properly maintained, your ink cartridges can last for a long time, and your investment will be worthwhile.

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