How You Can Connect Brother Printer to Your Google Cloud Print

The amazing thing about Google Cloud Print is that it allows you to print using your Google Account from virtually anywhere you are. Google Cloud Print works especially well with Brother printers and is very helpful for those who need to print documents but are usually out of the office. If you’re interested in using Google Cloud Print but don’t know how, let’s start with the basics– connecting it to your Brother Printer. You can follow this step by step guide:

Step 1: Install Google Cloud Print

The first thing you have to do is install Google Cloud Print on your device. Check the website to see which devices are compatible and download away.

Step 2: Upload File and Print

Open up your Google Cloud Management Page and upload a file. It is in this page that you may also see the print options, print preview, and the ink levels of your Brother Inkjet Cartridges.

Step 3: Click the Print Button

After that, click the print button and wait for it to print. Take note that if your Brother Inkjet Cartridges have a very low level of ink, it won’t print so always remember to refill.

Step 4: Install on Chrome Browser

You may also install it as on your Chrome Browser. Check the top right corner of settings and click on print options.

Step 5: Click on Print Options and Destination

After you click print options, go to destination to look for your cloud printer.

Step 6: Choose the Cloud Printer

This option will tell you which cloud printers your Google Cloud Print is attached to. Choose the one you want to print with.

Step 7: Choose Your File and Print

Finally, pick the file that you want to print and click the Print button. Your file should start printing in a few seconds.

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