Advantages of Recycling Printer Cartridges

Going green and recycling has been promoted for years now. Whether you're in school or the office, green campaigns are always present. One way to help the environment is by recycling ink cartridges. Most well-known printer companies such as Epson have supported this move.

So what are the advantages of recycling cartridges like the Epson inkjet cartridges?

The first advantage is the benefits it gives to the Environment. Cartridges like the Epson inkjet cartridges are made with a mixture of foam, plastic, toner, and ink. When you send these materials to the landfill it will cause air and water pollution. It will also take a hundred years to decompose a single cartridge.

The second advantage is it saves you a lot of money. When cartridges are re- manufactured with the materials from old cartridges, the new materials used will considerably lessen. When the manufacturing cost decreases, the retail price will lessen as well. As a result, customers can buy cheaper ink cartridges. It is a win-win situation for both sides.

Recycling cartridges will also help conserve natural resources. The production and the manufacturing of cartridges consumes a lot of natural resources. When you choose to recycle the cartridge, the manufacturers can lessen their use of natural resources. It leads to a more sustainable production and manufacturing process.

New ink cartridges or can be made using materials that were recovered through recycling. It saves a lot of water, energy, and natural resources. Plus, you will be safe guarding the resources as well. Recycled cartridges offer the same volume of toner and the same amount of pages. So before you purchase a new ink cartridge, think about recycling first and how it helps you and the environment.

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