Why South Africa Prefers Ink Tank Printers

In South Africa, both home users and owners of small businesses are showing a marked preference for ink tank printers. There is now a growing demand for such printers, which do away with the need for frequent ink and toner refills.

An ink tank printer system has the following advantages:

  1.   Low cost. On top of the advantages of an ink tank printer is its significantly lower cost when compared to traditional inkjet cartridge printers. There is even a printer that has a stunning supply of up to three years’ worth of ink. The savings are considerable, coming up to 90% of printing costs.
  2.   Convenience. With an ink tank printer, low-capacity ink cartridges that need to be replaced frequently become a thing of the past. So would emergency trips to the computer store to buy ink cartridges or toner refills. With an ink tank printer, all one needs to do is to add ink to the tanks on the printer. Ink refills come in large, high-volume bottles which ensure adequate supply. New printer models take the convenience a level higher. They now incorporate an engineered filling system to lessen the risk of any messes and spills when refilling.
  3.   Always correct colors. New printer models also come equipped with a feature to make sure that the ink tanks on the printer only get topped up with the correct color of ink.
  4.   Choice. Depending on their needs, users can also opt for either a single-function printer, or an all-in-one printer, which can do printing, photocopying, and scanning. They can also choose models designed for high-volume printing, which are more appropriate for business use, as well as printers for home use.

With the affordability and convenience they offer, ink tank printers are indeed a very welcome addition to today’s homes and offices—in South Africa, and all over the world.

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