History of Inkjet Photo Printing

In regard to photo prints, silver halide photos have been the aim of quality printing due to the longevity, color brilliance, and vibrancy it presents. Since the first Epson Stylus Colour printer was introduced back in 1994, Epson has persistently pursued the goal of presenting their customer’s top-grade prints that can match up to those of the silver halide photos that people have relied on for decades.

Because of the many challenges in finding that perfect print quality, several Epson inkjet cartridges were invented to help find the best tools that could support the ideals Epson had in mind. The research was made regarding causes of color shifts that could help further their knowledge about lightfastness (resistance of prints to color fading due to light) and aim to improve the quality of ink their Epson inkjet cartridges.

Thanks to the time put into the research, the Epson Stylus PHOTO 2000P and the Pro Graphics have proven their worth by having the prints they produce have the durability as well as the lightfastness that can reach up to 200 years. The archival ColorFast Ink used in these printers have been tested and shown that chemicals in the air make the color pigments fade far less than before.

Finally, for the most recent Epson DURABrite INK, the breakthrough has shown itself by ensuring that photo prints are now smudge-resistant, water-resistant, and fade resistant. The Epson inkjet cartridges have been upgraded as well to house this inkset to better serve their customers. Improvement doesn’t end here. Even today, Epson has been working hard to produce the best ink quality possible.

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