Keeping Your Epson Inkjet Cartridges Printing Smoothly

Branded printers are made to perform consistently without any hurdles. But if kept in a not-so-suitable environment, or handled incorrectly, even the most durable printers stop functioning properly. If you have an Epson printer, and want it to run a long spell, these are a few ideas for you –

Keep it in a clean atmosphere: Even if you have the most hygienic place, which is regularly well-treated, but still, your printer may get affected by dust and dirt. Dust and dirt are the most common reasons, why a printer collapses. You should cover your printer, specially when you are dusting off the place/ room.

Avoid moisture: You should end every possible signs of moisture around your printer.  Moisture also impacts the smooth functioning of your Epson printer. It is said to be the biggest enemy of printers or any computer related hardware devices.

When not in use – pack back your Epson printer in an airtight polyethylene sheet. When printers aren’t used for a long duration of time, and left in the open atmosphere, the ink inside the cartridges goes dry, and you do not get as fine as earlier print quality. To avoid this situation, you should pack your printer safely. It will also increase the life of your hardware device.

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