HP’s Cartridge Recycling Efforts

These days, recycling of cartridges is the current hot trend, among the printer users, all over the world. Using recycled or remanufactured cartridges is a cost-effective and branded way to get fine print results.

Most of the printer brands have their recycling plants, where they remanufacture the old, pre-used cartridges. They buy back empty cartridges from their consumers and in return they give them handsome rebates on their products. The printer product manufacturer companies ask their users to submit their used and empty cartridges at their brand store, and avail special discounts at other brand products, like fresh replacement cartridges, papers, etc.

images_recycle31.jpgThe printer brands, generally, accept only a particular number of empty cartridges from their customers. For an instance, they ask their customers to not to dump their cartridges, and keep them safe in a plastic bag, and collect as many as twenty empty cartridge cases.

Once a consumer collects 20 empty cartridges, he/she can sell it out at the brand store for some discounts offers and rebates. After buying back the empty cartridges from their consumers, they take the stock through a refurbishing process. In the refurbishing process, printer brands check, sort, clean and refill these used cartridges, and give them a new packaging, and make them available at their stores, again, at cheaper rates.

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