What to Do When HP Printer Rejects Cartridge

HP has released plenty of software updates to their Inkjet printers. Due to that, it has now gained the attention of the media. Software Updates is HP's effort to slow if not lessen the increase of generic cartridges in the market. Once the updates are installed to the printer, generic cartridges will no longer be accepted. The HP Deskjet 3510 cartridges and other HP cartridges will be the only ones accepted. This installation usually happens without the customer knowing. You will now need to purchase HP Deskjet 3510 cartridges for your HP printer.

Not a lot of people know that their printers are locked to a specific region and the cartridges are locked to a specific period. For example, if a person goes to the UK from Oceania, the printer will not be able to detect genuine or generic cartridges from the UK. The cartridges are locked to a specific period of time. If the cartridges are not used before a specific date, the cartridge will be rendered useless.

So what do you do when the printer does not detect the cartridges? Before you install them, check if the cartridges are compatible with the printer. You must remember to purchase genuine cartridges to avoid incompatibility. If it still does not detect them, try to

remove and reinstall the cartridges individually while the printer is turned on. Another solution to the problem is to restart the printer or clean the cartridge slot.

If the problem still continues, it is best to purchase new cartridges or ask a professional for help.

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