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Should You Buy a Laser or Inkjet Printer When Printing Only Monochrome?


Small business office that demands high quality and high volume printing must only seek for the monochrome laser printers to compete on the higher level of printing work. Both inkjet and laser printers have come up as a great improvement over the dot matrix printer. However, the laser printer was a step ahead over inkjet printer, but it did not comprehend as quickly.

Which Black & White printer is the Cheapest to Maintain?

When purchasing for Black and White printers, you need to consider two important factors- the number of pages that the cartridges yield and the cost of replacement of the cartridges. Always keep in mind that a printer sold at relatively lower cost may not always be a smart buy. For instance, while the HP 2055dn LaserJet printer costs an average price of $300 in retail. The toner cartridge that is compatible with the printer will yield up to 6,500 pages, which is roughly 0.01 cents per page when you buy a remanufactured cartridge and .026 cents per page when you buy an OEM.  Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges are indeed an ideal way to save money without compromising on the printing quality.

Choose the Right Printer that Receives the Highest Reviews from the Customers?

Recommended printers with high scores are an obvious choice of customers. Printers that receive the highest customer reviews are considered the best for your needs, whether you choose the best all in one printers, photo printers or laser printers- considering a range of printers from HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung or some of the other main brands. Indeed, many customers find that HP LaserJet Pro series including- CP1525N/CP1525NW/CM1415FN/CM1415FNW are compact in size, low cost to purchase, and above all offers high printing quality that is combined with a considerably lower cost of replacing the toner cartridges.

Toner Cartridges Suffer to Clumping with Non-Use

Many people often wonder the fact that why the ink in their printer ink cartridge evaporates. When the printer is left unused, the printer ink evaporates. Actually, the ink used in the printing machine is formulated in a way so that it can dry quickly. This is done to make sure when prints are taken, the output is flawless with no smudges on the paper. And, the soluble constituent of the ink does evaporate. It is common fact that all liquid substances evaporate. Some evaporates faster than the others. So, if the printer is left unused or idle for longer periods of time, there are certainly greater chances of the ink getting evaporated with time.

What Makes Printing Efficient with an Office Network Printer?

An office network printer is a great printing device that is installed in a workplace to save more on printing costs and additional costs as well. However, you can make a great savings that you want if you know how you can deal with this type of printing system.  So, what are the effective steps that you should follow in order to apply an office network printer?

The first cartridge I ever refilled

This is the story of someone who began refilling their own cartridges, and through that experience went into the business of selling refills and the idea of refills to others.In the early 2000’s, my cartridge ran out of ink.  It was a Canon BCI-21 series cartridge (printer was a Canon MultiPass, taking a BCI-21 black and BCI-21 color ink cartridge).  The 2 cartridges could be substituted with the thicker Canon BC-20 inkjet cartridge, which would offer more black ink and require that the printer prints in monochrome mode (black only).A set of new inkjet cartridges from the college bookstore cost around $40, a heavy price for a college student, and about 1/2 of what a new printer would cost.  In fact, you can pick up a printer for as low as $60 today (for an inkjet printer).  Taking a closer look at the inkjet cartridges, a light bulb went off…

How do people select a printer thats good for their needs?

Here is a story that was relayed today by a customer.  A very informed customer that is that cares about saving money and refilling his printer ink.Today I walked into Best Buy, and browsed the printer section.  I asked the customer service rep what printer he would recommend. He wasn’t sure how to answer me, or what questions he should ask me to ascertain what elements or functions of a printer I am most interested in.  He coughed, said a few unrelated things, and beckoned someone to help.  That someone was very “cool”, called me dude, and also did not ask me any questions.  He just zoomed past the printer aisle (passing by at least 10-15 printers on the way, mostly inkjet by the way – not sure why laser toners don’t feature as much on Best Buy shelves), and quickly pointed to 3 printers: a Canon, an Epson and a Lexmark (called Genesis).  I said “why did you suggest these 3?”, he said “Because they are newer and cool.  But it depends on how much printing you do”.  Go figure.  Anyway, I thanked him for his time, and began to do some investigating myself.

Glossy Optimizer Inks

Did you know that some printer ink cartridges use Glossy inks? Glossy optimizer inks are used in some very unique printer cartridges, specifically and most popular models are the Epson R800, Epson R1800 and Epson R1900.  Also the Kodak #10 and #30 (which are the newest Kodak ink cartridges) also use the Glossy inks.  These glossy inks are hard to find, but Atlantic Inkjet has released them in different sizes and also part of the Atlantic Inkjet Kodak ink refill kit. Just search our Atlantic Inkjet site for Kodak ink refills.

I Heard A Printer Singing!!

Did you ever hear a printer singing? I too didn’t until recently.

Actually, I was playing a promotional video game with my son. The game was launched by a well-known printer products company to promote its products. It began with a cartoon printer reciting this poem –

When Printer Became Cause of Horror!

I went on a business trip last month. I had a crucial meeting there at noon. So I got up early morning and prepared important notes on my laptop. Ready, I transferred these to my pen drive, called the room attendant, requested him to get the printouts from the pen drive, and myself headed for the bathroom for a quick bath.

How The Printers Have Evolved

Today, I’ll talk how the printers have evolved in recent years. I’ll not dig into the history but just discuss how the printers and Inkjet Cartridges have developed.

Today, printers are very reasonably priced. Although a big commercial printer is still expensive, you can purchase a simple home machine for a few bucks. This, I think, is a significant development.

How to Choose Your Printer?

Too many options make you confused. Isn’t it? When you venture out to purchase a printer, you find so many printer types. You just don’t know which one would be suitable for you.

Well. I could help you on this.