The Best DTG Printers for 2019


With the demand for customized products rising in the market for both personal and professional uses, the demand for high-quality DTG printer is on the rise as well. A DTG Printer is a simple piece of printer technology that can print designs and pictures on any type of garment such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, socks, shoes etc.

Not only are these machine able to print high-quality images on your merchandise, their quick heat technology also makes sure that the design is embedded deep into the cloth that is being printed on. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a DTG printer based on the following characteristics:

  • Price of the machine as well as the ink
  • Maintenance period and cost
  • Print Speed and life-cycle
  • Software compatibility for images
  • Colour combination allowed
  • Company support and warranty

Companies such as Epson, Brother, and Ricohl are the leading manufacturers of DTG printers and are constantly adding new features to their software as well as hardware with each new release. Here are the top DTG printers one can invest in this 2019:

  • Ricohl Ri 100
  • Brother GT3
  • Brother GTX
  • pson F2100
  • Kornit Avalanche 1000
  • Omni Print Cheetah
  • Coldesi DTG M2/M4/M6

DTG printers from Epson and Brother are priced at a relatively higher range than its competitors but have an exceptional print speed as well as print quality when it comes to direct usage. The final choice however will depend on your exact budget and needs.

Things You May Not Know About DTG Inks

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The Best DTG Printers for 2019
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