3D Printing Changing the Future


3D printing is an emerging revolution, which has potential to change the life of human race. The president of the United States, Barack Obama once praised the stupendousness of 3D printing, and said –

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.”

  – Barack Obama

Well, he’s a well-known visionary. He states so many words on futuristic technologies, whenever he gets a chance. His words seem quite true in respect of 3D technology.

Many a scientists and technocrats have affirmed that three-dimensional printing is going to turn the life, as we see it. It will bring in a great industrial revolution, which will further modernize the lifestyle, and scenarios, pertaining to the human life.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a contrivance that lets you print three-dimensional images. This term shouldn’t actually refer to as image printing. If it has three dimensions, how could it be an image? You can actually print solid objects, using this technology. In 3D printing, the printer places several layers of material to form a solid object.

According to CNN.com, a group of student architects has a unique 3D printer, which prints (or let it be called – creates) shipping containers. Interestingly, varied types of materials (such as ink, plastic, cement, melted metal, recycled items, paint, chocolate, and blood, etc.) can be employed as ink in these printers.

Even more, if we believe the sources, the European Space Agency, ESA is trying to develop a planetary space station, made from special kind of bricks – these bricks will be printed using 3D printers and moon’s dust, as the key material.

Beside this, 3D printing can transform the entire picture of manufacturing, medical surgery and transplantation and infrastructure, in next twenty to thirty years. Most interestingly, scientists have successfully created human cells and tissues, with these 3D printers, a few years back. It was carried out using a bio printer, which uses bio-ink and works on 3D technology. It seems doable that someday, scientists will master to print a human heart, with the help of these printers. What’s more? R&D is on; we’ll have to wait to explore more!

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