Difference Between Inkjet Cartridges And Toner Cartridges


1. Inkjet cartridges are mostly for home user and also for small printing businesses. These cartridges contain not much ink but we have a XL series inkjet cartridges which contains more ink as compare to standard ink cartridges. Inkjet cartridges are mostly made up by every printer companies and they are cheaper in prices. Many printer companies gave us option to refill the cartridges but in case of Epson refilling is difficult.

2. Toner cartridges are expensive in priceses and mostly use by big offices and big companies. Toner cartridges deliver more number of print outs as compare to inhe Best Alternative of New Onekjet cartridges because toner cartridges hold more toner. Cartridges of laser printers contains toner powder. Priceses for toner cartridges are very high as compare to inkjet cartridges. We also have refill kits for toner cartridges with chip and without chip. If customer is refilling starter toner cartridge then re-set gear have to be replace. To print check leaf MICR option is only available in laser printers.

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