Importance of Maintaining Your Printer

printer-maintenance.JPGAlthough printers need very little maintenance, they do require it. Working your printer like a horse will cause it to wear down like any other working machine, but keeping it in pristine condition will help it live longer.

It’s important to understand that your printer will require head cleanings no matter what type of ink you use.  The more sensitive the ink, the more maintenance your printer will require.  What determines the sensitivity of the ink? Well that would be the type of ink you’re using, versus the type of ink the manufacturer recommends. The manufacturer always recommends that you use their OEM brand to avoid these types of issues, but most of the time, we would rather save money, or use the printer for edible printing than stick to the OEM brand. But overall the printer will succeed in doing its essential duty, and producing fabulous prints every time, no matter what you’re using it for.

Maintaining the printer is not as hard as it sounds.  It’s actually quite simple to avoid issues that can cause the printer to fail in quality or performance during its lifetime.  Cleaning cartridges are one way of keeping the printer from clogging after its initial use.  They simply replace the original cartridges for printers that have built in print heads for a short period of time.  During this short period, the cleaning cartridge is used as the regular cartridges to push out or clean any ink inside the print head. Thus, your future prints are crisp and clear on its next run, and continue to be as long as the procedure is followed after every use.

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