Employ Continuous Ink Flow System for Constant Printing Purposes

In the past few years, the cost of printers has gone down considerably but on the other hand, the price of printer Inkjet Cartridges  has increased substantially. This factor has forced people to look for more affordable priced printer ink solutions. Fortunately, today there are some great economical solutions for price sensitive printer users. Among them, the continuous ink system is the one that is being preferred by most large organizations. They are the apt solution for those who require large volume prints.

In a Continuous Ink System, the ink is filled into the cartridge constantly, so that the printing activities go on without any hindrance. This system has also made its way into homes and small businesses as well. It is one of the oldest technologies in printing.

The advantages of using continuous ink system are:

  • Cost-effective – It is a cost-effective printing solution, as 5 times the volume of an original cartridge comes at the price of one single original cartridge.
  • No Waste – With no cartridge to be replaced, the used cartridges do not end up in landfills, making them an environment friendly option.
  • Time-saving – Because the ink flows into the cartridge continuously, the time that may be spent on changing the cartridge is saved.
  • Low-Maintenance cost – As constant replacement of ink cartridges is not required and only the ink is required to be filled in, there is hardly any need for maintenance, so the cost for maintenance is low.
  • Fast Printing – With ink flowing constantly, large volume printing requirements are achievable There are various types of CIS kits available in the market. However, the need is to identify the right ink according to the printer model type. Without a doubt, a continuous ink system is the most profitable and cost-effective ink solution for printer users.
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