Refurbished Ink Cartridges: An Environment-Friendly Printer Ink Solution

Down the years, the environment has been at the receiving end due to large-scale e-waste. In the last five years the seriousness of this issue has increased manifold. Keeping this issue in mind, today printer manufacturers are willing to take back the used cartridges back to their factories where the cartridges are refurbished. By refurbishing the ink cartridges they are ensuring that the used cartridges stay off the landfills and are put to use for more than just one printing cycle. Besides, the printer manufacturers, many other third party manufacturers are now a part of this initiative and they offer re-manufactured Inkjet Cartridges.

During the refurbishing process the used cartridges are first disassembled and then cleaned. Once past the cleaning process the damaged part of the cartridges is repaired and finally new ink is filled in the cartridge as per the model number and the cartridge type. The recycled cartridges are subjected to strict quality checks before they are again sent out in the market. The most crucial fact about ink cartridges is that they can be refurbished and used up to 8 times. This ensures that they do not end up in landfills.

So whether the need is for HP, Canon or Epson Inkjet cartridges, by opting for re-manufactured ink cartridges, printer users can do a favor to the environment. Besides, opting for recycled cartridges is considered to be a good option because they come at half the price of original OEM cartridges. Another important aspect about refurbished cartridges is that by using them the printer warranty does not become void. To purchase the re-manufactured ink cartridges, office supply stores are an apt place though purchasing them from online ink supply stores can be a better choice. This is because these stores offer recycled cartridges at very cheap prices along with good discounts.

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